Ancient to Modern Designs

Even on ancient times, people has started using headboards or curtains just as like as how they have always used pillows or beds. And the main reason to this is not only because of comfort, but also because it’s fashionable and it expresses your personality. Colors have different meanings, shapes have many too! Plus we have Feng Shui. I mean fashion, comfort and belief is a trend that will never end.

Pretty isn’t it?! How can you not rest when your eyes are laying on to something like this? Or how can you not wake up gracefully when the first thing you see in the morning is the exquisite design of your room.
From ancient to modern times, people always have the ability to appreciate art and fashion. Using our naked eye we can distinguish beautiful from unattractive, just as like as how we can distinguish the taste of the food by just looking at them and how we can determine a good design from a bad design. Well, I guess we could just say that we human beings are fashionable creatures that are born to design our mother Earth.

But then, people innovate, from wood, headboards became metals, then cotton, then leather and so on and so forth… It’s as the same as how curtains innovated into window blinds, roller blinds, and then awnings are born. I mean, innovation never stops as people are never contented and always wants the best for themselves. It’s not really a bad thing since innovation has brought us better comfort, better designs, or even cheaper materials but better quality in terms of home improvement.
Matching your headboards is a basic thing for us to do, but not everyone notices that your headboard shouldn’t only match the bed. It shouldn’t only match your wall paint or even the floor. It should also match your windows and blinds. It should be designed as a whole in order for the design to really express your personality and your taste.
modern headboards
From upholstered headboard to wood & metal headboards, you can’t really go wrong. Other than comfort and design, there are several things that a headboard can be used for, although I’m not sure If I can discuss it here. So just feel free to imagine what I meant by that!

Let your imagination free and match your headboards, pillows, floor/tiles, comforter, wall paint, painting, door design and windows blinds, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing exquisite and original room that directly reflects your personality and taste. Have fun designing!

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