Design Ideas to Style Upholstered Headboards

Have you considered acquiring a glass chandelier to enhance your neutral pattern headboard? What about a lavishly luxurious fur rug? Maybe adding a hardwood bedside table? Upholstered headboards offer such a unique and cozy feeling that makes us want to touch them every night. But it is important to match them with the right textures and fabrics, especially if your chosen headboard has a neutral or simple pattern. Here are three design ideas that will bring glam and style to any type of upholstered headboard.

For neutral fabric headboards add a touch of glamour

For neutral headboards we suggest a combination of glam and shabby style. A glass chandelier hanging over the bed or sitting area will enhance any type of neutral headboard. Consider also placing luxurious rugs and silk floor-to-ceiling drapes that match the fabric on the upholstered headboard. A dramatic effect can be achieved with a color-mix of black, read and cobalts. Or maybe a more subtle mood with green, yellow and peach tones. Upholstered chairs will tie in the bedroom.

Enhance the contemporary look of faux leather upholstery

If you have a faux leather upholstered headboard, a combination of dark and light woods will keep the clean and contemporary look. The lines of the headboard can be complimented with hardwood bedside tables. Compliment the colors of your headboard with matching bed linens and shades. Choose relaxed Roman shades to stay on the safe side in a contemporary style room. Dark faux leather headboards, on the black or brown shades, can be brightened up with cream or light blue fabrics. For a white faux leather headboard you can experiment with rich-color combinations.

Traditional or French padding?

If your headboard has shirring or thick padding, the type of fabric will guide your bedroom decor, the most common types of thick padding stay in the Traditional or French styles. Solid color paddings are best suited for a traditional bedroom look, while floral or fussy patterns work in both traditional and French styles. If you decide to go with the French style, billowing, fuller drapes are better. But straight-line drapes keep the traditional look. Both traditional and French styles match hardwood floors, but use wingback chairs and wood bedside tables to keep a traditional style. If you decide to have a French style use painted furniture.

No matter what type of upholstered headboard you have, remember your chosen headboard should be your focal aspect in your bedroom decor, and it must be used to either complement or contrast your decoration. Pillows and wallpaper also play a role in setting the right mood for your room. But remember this is your bedroom, you may want to keep a balanced atmosphere.

There are many more ways you can bring life to your room and your headboard. These are some ideas we’ve put together. Have you tried some of these? What’s your favorite combination fabric for an upholstered headboard? Please share your thought in the comments section.