How to Get an Exciting New Look with Re-upholstery

When it comes to redecorating or redesigning the home, it is all too easy to decide that we are throwing out our old sofa or headboard and buy new. However, did you realise you could save yourself money and prevent such items of furniture from going to landfill by choosing to reupholster them instead?

Equally, you may have a cherished piece of furniture or one which has been handed down through the family which is now beginning to look tired or out dated. Upholstered headboards require cleaning and maintenance – and are a tempting target for cats and children. However some headboards have sentimental value, particularly the older, button back styles.

You can choose from many different fabrics which are available in a huge range of colours, patterns and textures. There are even more unusual choices available such as Chenille, Linen and Velvet. Alternatively you can choose to reupholster in faux leather to produce a classic and timeless piece.

Benefits of Re-upholstery

  • Keep that cherished piece of furniture
  • Customised to your own bespoke design
  • Saves Money
  • You are recycling and preventing landfill

A professional reupholstery service will be able to advise you on the process as well as the many fabric options and cost. These traditional craftsmen are skilled in the restoration and reupholstery of furniture. The item will be stripped of all its existing fabric, joints will be checked for wear and tear and repaired or tightened where necessary.

The item will then be reupholstered in your choice of fabric or faux leather – buttersoft faux leather is a rich, stately option, while a fresh contemporary fabric can lighten and lift a room.

Choosing the Right Fabric for your Re-upholstery

Choosing the right fabric for your upholstery is an important choice and comes down to more than just colour. Colour might be the biggest and most important factor but there are other considerations too. Consider who will be using the sofa or headboard and how heavy the use might be. Consider the durability of the fabric – woven patterns tend to last for longer than printed ones as do those which boast a higher thread count (a definite consideration if you have pets or toddlers in your bed on a regular basis).

Fabric style

Think about the style of furniture which you are having re-covered and be sympathetic with your choice of fabric. For example: If your furniture is a traditional style, with a classic frame, then choose a traditional fabric, or a deep coloured faux leather to complement it.

Different fabrics can create a different feel, some add a casual feel and others can look more formal. Also consider the size of a pattern on a print, make sure it is appropriate for the size of furniture which it is intended to cover and room size. Large bold patterns work better in large rooms and small patterns are a better choice for smaller homes.

Fabric colour

Colour is really important and is usually the main reason that someone chooses a fabric. If your sofa is very large and your room is small, then it would be wise not to choose a bright, bold colour for your fabric. Also, if you have children or pets, then delicately coloured fabrics or textured designs could be a bad choice for showing dirt and pet scratches.

Guest post written by Victoria Taylor, a confirmed cat lady with a pechant for green living and new upholstery.