Memory Foam Exceptional Support and Pure Comfort With No Springs

Are you kept awake by the sound of something that goes ‘twang’ in the night?  Do you find yourself trying to get comfortable and end up battling with that lumpy spring that keeps sticking in your side, or find you and your loved one rolled into a heap in the middle of the bed?  You definitely need a new mattress.

With a memory foam mattress you will never have to contend with a deviant spring again.  Memory foam mattresses contain no springs and yet manage to perfectly support your body and allow you to have a blissful night’s sleep.  Memory foam was developed by NASA scientists in 1966 as a cushioning material for astronauts.  It wasn’t long before this technology found its way into the mattress and pillow market due to its amazing properties.

As its popularity increased, its prices dropped, so now this space age material is available to all in the form of mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows. Memory foam is visco-elastic polyurethane foam which responds to body weight and heat by compressing and moulding to the body.  This avoids the pressure points sometimes caused by spring mattresses when the springs compress and exert a strong force back up onto the body.  By moulding to the contours of the body, the spine is held in perfect alignment, no matter what position you are sleeping in.  Because there are no interconnected springs within a memoryfoam mattress, two people can sleep comfortably without being influenced by the others weight or position.  Each side of the mattress will mould to the individual to ensure that both get a wonderful night’s sleep.

Memory foam mattresses come in different depths: the greater the depth, the greater the comfort, although every mattress of this wonder material will increase the sleeper’s pleasure due to its moulding technology.

A good quality mattress is worth investing in, especially since we spend approximately 200,000 hours sleeping in our lifetimes.  A bad quality mattress can lead to or exacerbate back problems so taking care of your back is essential to your sleep and your health.

If your budget is constrained, and your current mattress is in fair condition another option is using memory foam toppers. Although a fraction of the cost of a full mattress, they deliver the same benefits. It won’t hide protruding or broken springs, but it will remove the unevenness of a used mattress and add that extra level of comfort. Combine either mattresses or toppers with memory foam pillows and you’ll have a sleeping experience like no other.

Finding the right mattress is easy if you know what you are looking for; it can be a great investment. To get more information on memory foam mattresses, toppers and pillows please feel free to visit the Great Memory Foam website here.