Modern Ideas For Decorating Your Bedroom

If you would like to give your bedroom an extreme makeover, one of the things you need to change is your bed. This is because, a bed is usually one of the main features in a room and it can be as dramatic and discreet as you wish. One of the modern ideas for decorating a bedroom is using headboards and timber blinds. The following are some of the tips and factors to look at when choosing headboards.


This is very important especially when you spend better part of your day or night relaxing on your bed. If all you do with your bed is sleeping, then there is no need of choosing a cushioned headboard. However, if you plan to read, browse or watch your television while relaxing on your bed, then a cushioned headboard is recommended as you will use to rest your head and back. Upholsteries headboards are suitable for individuals who need comfort and there are numerous designs and colors available.


This is among the things you should assess when choosing headboards. Ensure that you have a décor theme in your mind even though there are headboards that suit all types of décor. You can go for a vintage, traditional, contemporary or gothic theme. Whether your house is decorated in a modern abode or Victorian style, there are headrests that suit all preferences.


Size is very crucial when choosing headboards. If you have decided to replace your already existing headboard with one, you will have to take the dimensions of your bed in order to get the best size for your bed. There are headboards of different size that suit any kind of bed. Choosing the right size will ensure that you enjoy your sleep.

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On the other hands, wooden blinds are very important especially if you would like to decorate your home. If installed in every room, they can be amazing idea an extreme make-over and instilling a little privacy. When you want to install your bedroom with wooden blinds, it is good to first of all take measurements of your window. Take measurements for both the width and length of the window. This will ensure that the wooden blinds fit well on the window.

Another thing you need to do when installing your wooden blinds on your bedroom window is look at the design. It is always good to choose a design that will match with at least some of the furniture in your bedroom. Again, ensure that the finishing of the installation is perfect. You can paint it using any color you want even though choosing a color that matches that of your furniture is highly recommended.

Lastly, when buying your headboards and wooden blinds, it is important to first of all shop around. Look at the designs of these fixtures from different sellers as you compare the prices. However, price you should not hinder you from getting quality fittings. These are the top tips and ideas for any home owner when choosing headboards and wooden blinds.

Maya is a professional interior designer. Her favorite colours are earth colors, from dark brown to white. She loves a combination of beautiful wooden headbord for bed and wooden blinds in the bedroom. Get your wooden blinds here.