Take Your Home Back to Yesteryear

When you want to add a touch of class to your home, restoring period features and installing vintage touches is a wonderful approach. Whether you choose to unblock an old fireplace or uncover original floorboards, there are numerous ways to embrace the property your home once used to be and take it back to yesteryear. Read on for tips on how to give your house the historic touch:

Use vintage headboards
Add a touch of vintage glamour to your bedroom with a vintage or vintage-style headboard. Think ornate iron designs or grand antique wood features which really make the bed a work of art. You can make your own antique style headboard by taking an existing wood board and giving it a rustic make-up with sandpaper and wood stain.

Unblock the fireplace
Are you lucky enough to have a hidden fireplace? Now is the time to unblock it. Get a professional to survey the property and ensure that it is safe to do so first, but if restoring it will cause no structural damage you can bring a room alive with a period fireplace and mantel. If you don’t have an old fireplace, a purely decorative surround can give make an eye-catching centrepiece.

Browse car boot sales
When you want to pick up some retro trinkets and accessories for your home, car boot sales are a treasure trove. Look out for crockery, artwork, cushions and other soft furnishings which will help transport your interior back in time.

Put in authentic lighting
For an authentic period feel, look out for authentic lighting of the time. Real vintage lights can be a statement piece for any room and set off other period features perfectly. Take a look in charity shops and antique dealers to find lighting from the time of your choice, but bear in mind that electric alterations and repurposing may need to be done to work with today’s modern light fittings.

Restore wooden floors
If you want to take your home back to yesteryear, exposed wooden floorboards can help do this instantly. When you live in a period home, check under modern carpets to see if you have any original boards in place. If so, you’ve hit the jackpot! Wooden floorboards are easy to renew with a little sanding and a coat of stain or paint.

Install cast iron radiators
Forget today’s dull white radiators, add real character with the use of traditional cast iron radiators.These grand installations are substantial period features that can be tricky to install but will instantly add a touch of yesteryear to any room. If you want to mix vintage with modern, give cast iron radiators a make-over with the use of bright coloured paint.

Pay attention to detail
The key to rewinding time within your décor is to pay attention to detail, if you really want to embrace a retro period consider the smaller touches of the time; choose appropriate door and cupboard handles, rug designs and light pulls.