Top 5 Headboards to Beautify Your Bedroom

Sleep is dear to every living thing on this planet, just a little more for us humans. Through time we human beings have always learnt to value sleep, as it has always been vibrant for our health. And the ladies know best what happens when they fail to get their set of beauty sleep. Every person suffers from physical and facial changes when unable to sleep at ease, of which dark circles and stress being the worst. Very often an uncomfortable bed leads to restless and sleepless nights. In order to avoid such discomfort, we often love to decorate and beautify our bedrooms as we believe that comfort comes from the beauty of surroundings. The best way to beautify your bedroom is by adding or improving a headboard to your bed.

A headboard is the part of a bed that is placed on the end where we rest out heads at night, which is mostly attached to the bed’s frame. Though it can be used for several reasons, the first main reason of usage is to support pillows while we are asleep and sometimes our backs when we rest to watch television or read books. Apart from that, it sometimes has shelves to place books, lamps, decorations and other personal stuff. They are also matched with similar footboards at the end of the bed to beautify the room.

The 5 most classy and beautiful types of headboards are as follows:

1. Upholstered/ padded headboard:

The most famously used head board type is the upholstered headboard, also known as padded or cushioned headboards. They are known to be insanely comfortable and a perfect form of beauty in a bedroom. These are soft, cushioned and easy to clean with just the use of a small hand-held vacuum cleaner. Not only do they seem classy and royal but also give immense comfort when rested upon.

2. Wood headboards:

The headboards made out of wood are usually known as wooden headboards. Though they might seem very traditional, they are made out of fine oak and pine woods. Not only are they good for easy maintenance but also to prevent from allergies as most people are allergic to the dust that accumulates in a cushioned headboard. A wooden headboard can be just wiped clean without a hassle.

3. Metal headboard:

These types of headboards are made out of simple metal rods. They are not only resilient in nature but also provide a very ancient look. Most metal headboards are made out of stainless steel, aluminium and sometimes even brass.

4. Mandal headboards:

These types of headboards are made out of solid wood such as pine. They give out a very contemporary kind of look to the bedroom as they also go well with other Mandal furniture in the room.

5. Book-case headboard:

A book case headboard is made mainly for the advantage of storing things such as books, decorations, clocks, small music systems and radios, etc. Apart from being durable, it also provides space for tools we often tend to reach out for while in bed.

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