Create the Perfect Get-Away Bedroom with a Rustic Style of Decorating

When decorating a bedroom that is to be your retreat, natural materials will create a warm and balanced feeling. Resembling nature, wooden headboards, driftwood lamps and natural fiber bed coverings will bring a little of the outdoors into your home. At the end of a long day, when you want to relax and unwind, a sanctuary is what you want to settle into. There are a number of key elements that will help you create that get-away feeling or romantic hide-away. Using the bed as your starting point and moving onto other pieces of furniture, you can decorate a bedroom that will create a warm and inviting environment.

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Log style furniture, naturally finished wooden headboards, or those painted in light colors can help to create a rustic style. Depending on your personal preferences, your chosen style of bed will set the stage for the rest of the room. Log style furniture can have the bark left on, or be rough hewn, leaving the pretty wood grain exposed and usually coated with a smooth finish of polyurethane. Both styles create a log cabin feeling, reminiscent of a cabin in the woods. A bed made from finished wood that is plain and simple, is often finished with a light coat of polish or brushed with a wash of color. Once you have found the wooden headboard and bed frame that you like, you are ready to move onto the rest of the room. The bed, sets the stage.

Nothing says get away, retreat or cabin, like thick comforters, downy pillows, mountains of blankets and soft sheets to slip in-between. Your bedding should be comfortable with earthy colors from cream, to burgundy and greens, blues and browns. You will want to select colors that are from nature, bringing the beach and woods inside. The bedding you select should be comfortable and easy to care for. You can also add throw rugs, curtains or draperies from the same color scheme, pulling the room together.

Often, bedroom sets are designed with the bed as a central focal point. You can purchase entire bedroom suites, or an eclectic grouping of wooden furniture that will compliment the bed. Dressers, end tables, lamps and seating can be added to the room, depending on the size and amount of space you have available. Lamps are fun accents that add another dimension of character to the room. You will want to select lights with different settings so you can adjust the mood of the room. Bright lights for working in your bedroom, lower for reading in bed, and even lower to set the mood for romance. The shades can be in colors that match the bedding and the body of the lamp can be natural, earthy.

When you want a retreat from the world, a sanctuary to slip into at the end of the day, the rustic style can create that feeling. Earth tones and natural fibers, will create the perfect haven. Design a perfect place of rest within your own home.